IMG_0800Donn Headley has been the Lead Pastor at Mountain View Fellowship since its launch in October of 2005.  He and his wife Angie have been married for longer than most of the staff members have been alive almost twenty nine years and have two amazing adult sons. Hunter is married to his beautiful wife Lauren and is a youth pastor in Evergreen, Colorado, and Trooper is in his junior year at Utah State University in the music program.  In their spare time they enjoy long walks on the bea… wait a minute: Angie requested instead that this space be used to pressure Donn into getting her another Golden Retriever since the passing of their sweet Chloe.  He probably won’t even notice this is here, so feel free to let him know that their nest is too empty and needs the pitter-patter of little paws! 😉


Ryan Dwyer is MVF’s Missons/Outreach Pastor.  He and his wife Aimee have two awesome boys: Keegan and Elias. Aimee was a missionary kid in Africa where the people were in awe of her red hair.  She’s homeschooling their boys and is an expert at the roles of teacher, principal, mom, wife, and friend. She’s definitely the sane one in the relationship. Ryan is one of the drummers on the worship team and we were very tempted to cover his face with a picture of Animal from the Muppetts. He can grow the beard he’s sporting in this picture in about 17 minutes and looks way more innocent than he usually is when he shaves it off. Should we mention at this point that he’s First Best at tetherball?

Dannae Family   First of all, it’s incredibly hard to find a picture of Dannae by herself because everyone loves her so much… so here’s a family picture of her- she’s the cute one in the middle. Secondly, she generally has her mouth open and looks surprised in 99% of the pictures she’s in, kind of like that look Taylor Swift always has when she wins another award. Because Dannae LOVES her some Tay-Tay.  Right, Dannae?  She’s the Pastor’s Assistant at MVF which means she pretty much runs the world that our pastors live in… and she’s pretty awesome at it.  She once loved a horse named Patches, but he’s in heaven now… so she settles for loving all of her nieces and nephews who tell us she’s pretty much the Greatest Aunt Ever (even though most of them can’t talk yet.) We kinda like her too.

Ross familyJodi Ross is the Women’s Ministry Director at MVF and she’s married to Jeremiah. She’s greatly appreciated around here for her ability to combine her crazy sense of fun with large amounts of wisdom, grace, and love. She’s also a great mama who’s waaay too put-together and organized to have six kids and even though we may be a little jealous of that, we can’t hold it against her because she’s too darn lovable. She can wrangle a 1,200 pound cow and a teenage boy with the same ease and still look as fresh as a daisy.  Her laugh is loud and contagious, and her creativity makes everything she touches way better than it would have been.  Basically, she’s pretty gangsta, and we love her.  😉